Florida drivers can choose to hire on with a national trucking company, but there are several located in the state. Some of the companies are:

Arnold Transportation – http://www.arnoldtrans.com/
Double D Truck Specialties – http://www.doubledtrucks.com/
Flynn Transportation – http://www.flynntrans.com/
Oakley Transport – http://www.oakleytransport.com/

Florida Truck Driver Salary

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Florida is one of the busiest trucking states in the country. The state has several interstates, state routes, and US highways throughout for easy travel. Some of them are I-4, I-10, I-75, I-19, FL-8, FL-91, US-27, US-98, and US-17. Generally, the roads stay clear all year and rarely are closed due to snow. However, there could be traveling issues during hurricane season if one hit. During holidays and the summer months, getting around Orlando can be difficult due to congestion from tourists. Drivers should keep this in mind during their trip planning.

The weather is tropical, especially in the lower section of the state. Florida has mild winters and hot summers with an ocean breeze. Also, the state receives the most rain June through September.

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Florida is truck friendly as far as parking, spacious rest areas, and truck stops. However, there is a high freight theft issue throughout the state, which makes pickup and delivery a bit more tedious. Drivers will want to be sure to provide extra security for their loads, such as locks and choosing a well-lit parking area. There are truck stops all throughout Florida and include Flying J, Pilot, and many locally owned stores. At the majority of the truck stops, drivers will find brightly lit parking lots, shower facilities, and even fresh citrus stands.