West Virginia

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that West Virginia is home to 11,140 truck drivers, many of whom have trained at schools such as the Fred W. Eberle Technical Center in Buckhannon. These drivers may now work for companies such as D & W Truck Lines in Parsons or Hartley Trucking Company in Ravenswood.

West Virginia Truck Driver Salary

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Driving through West Virginia can be scenic but dangerous in the eastern portion of the state. Here is where the Blue Ridge Mountains are located, and roads are steep and narrow with very sharp turns. In addition, many hairpin turns on these mountaintops do not have guardrails. Aside from these mountainous roads, state highways and interstates are generally in good condition, but may nonetheless contain hilly sections of road.

Winter storms bring a great deal of snow to the mountain area. During this time, traveling across the Blue Ridge region is especially hazardous. West Virginia sometimes receives heavy rain, and this can bring about flooding along streams and rivers. Heavy rain may also produce rock slides in the mountain areas, so motorists should constantly be on the lookout for these.

Police officers have the authority to pull truckers over in order to have them weighed with a portable scale. West Virginia also has Motor Carrier Enforcement Officers, which may stop truck drivers to have them weighed or check log books. Police officers and motor carrier enforcement officers may also demand a trucker be weighed at a physical weigh station if the nearest location is less than two miles away.